PS5 and Xbox touts, the free ride ends? UK working to stop them

The phenomenon of the touts who flew onto PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (but also Xbox Series S ) has unfortunately become a constant of this next-gen. With the new availability, these crafty bots pounce on the consoles to buy as many as possible, so as to resell them at a higher price .

This business, which has been profitable for the touts in question, has ended up in the sights of the UK Parliament, which is discussing a intervention to stem the phenomenon . If this were to catch on, then, we could finally see a corner of those who are exploiting the enthusiasm of consumers for the new consoles to make money.

PlayStation 5

As reported by colleagues from VGC , in fact, last Monday a motion voted to «prohibit the resale of game consoles and computer components at prices well above those recommended by manufacturing companies » – with the reflection that involves, therefore, the equally unpleasant cases them of the new GPUs and new CPUs recently launched on the market by NVIDIA and AMD.

The motion asks the Government to move against the use of bots , to ensure that their use is considered illegal : in this way, it would be much easier to prosecute and block the crafty ones.

The measures should be similar to those already integrated into the Kingdom for ticket touts for events such as concerts, which require resellers to specify their identity and also the seat number indicated on the ticket itself.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

«The new console releases games and computer components should them re available to all consumers at a price no higher than that imposed by manufacturing companies, and should not be bought in bulk with the use of automated bots which often also manage to circumvent the maximum quantity limits imposed by retailers “ we read in the motion.

We will see how the story continues in the United Kingdom and whether it is actually possible, in light of the frightening figures pocketed by the touts, to stem a phenomenon that has made the launch of any new gaming device annoying in this already frustrating 2020. Recently. , on the pages of Gameshift we also saw how much consumers have shown they are willing to pay for these consoles / PC components, thus making the fortunes of unscrupulous touts.

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