PS5 and PS4, do gamers prefer digital or physical? The data is overwhelming

PS5 has been in the homes of gamers for several months now, even if the problem of stocks has not allowed the console to take off as it should.

While the only current-gen console you can buy without long queues is Xbox Series S (which you can also find on Amazon), PlayStation 5 is still the most desired by a considerable number of players.

Not to mention that in the last few hours, rumors have emerged that Sony may be thinking of raising the price of PS5 in Japan.

Now, after the data for the first quarter of the fiscal year have revealed the trend of PS5 and the PlayStation business, discussing the preferences of players with regard to the market for games in digital version and those in retail format .

As also reported by Push Square , fans of physical games are better let them relax, as Sony revealed that 79% of all PS5 and PS4 games sold during the last fiscal quarter were purchased digitally.

This is a staggering increase as regards the start of fiscal year 2022, with an increase in 13% compared to 2021, when “only” two thirds of the games were purchased in digital format.

In the first quarter of the previous fiscal year, digital purchases amounted to 71%. In the following two quarters, the percentage dropped to 62%, before returning to 71% in the fourth quarter .

At the beginning of fiscal year 2022, the statistics reached an all-time high of 79% . Interestingly, however, the number of monthly active users on PSN dropped by four million in the last quarter, which suggests that there are fewer people using the service, but that more users are choosing the path. of digital .

This is bad news for PS5 and PS4 gamers who prefer to buy games in physical format, as the industry and market are increasingly moving towards digital (although is It is very unlikely that physical games will disappear entirely , a bit like what happened with music CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays of movies and TV series).

Staying on the subject, Sony has announced the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers in its report on the last fiscal quarter: how is it compared to previous numbers?

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