PS5, almost a year after its launch, many fans were left with a dry mouth

In a few days PS5 will blow out its first candle: the console has in fact been made available in Italy from November 19, 2020, despite the health emergency has created an unprecedented shortage of supplies.

During this time, DualSense owners have been able to get their hands on titles of a certain caliber such as Returnal a Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart , although the best is yet to come .

After all, to address the shortage of supplies, Sony is deploying the air forces to have support in the Christmas “war” which is now upon us.

Not to mention that the company is doing everything to ensure that its customers can buy a PS5, up to the possibility of having one for free (yes, that’s right).

Not all players have been in able to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, which a year after the release is starting to create a lot of frustration .

As reported by GameRant , Sony has confirmed that it has sold a total of 13 million PS5 , although this number is still lower to the one recorded by PS4 in its first year of life.

With the holiday season just around the corner, demand is increasing, although the problem of touting (another major plague) shows how much the situation has gotten out of hand and has become almost irrecoverable.

After a year, therefore, it does not seem that the process of setting up a console has been simplified, which will force a large portion of PlayStation users to play on their PS4 for a while longer.

The hope is that by 2022, the situation can actually be resolved definitively, allowing all players in the world to easily get their hands on a PS5.

It is also true that according to an analyst not even in 2022 we will see the resolution of a problem that is closely linked to the pandemic crisis we are experiencing.

Luck has it that PS5 continues to sell like hotcakes and record record numbers, despite general discontent.

Finally, Sony has certainly not decided to stop, as it officially launched the PlayStation PC brand just a few days ago.

You will need a PlayStation Plus membership for your multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5: you can top up your subscription conveniently on Amazon.

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