PS5, a new exclusive by From Software? “More soulslike than Sekiro”

The ferment of the PS5 community around the next PlayStation event is becoming more and more insistent, and the first, inevitable rumors are starting to circulate right in these hours.

The (strictly unconfirmed) rumors also concern a new exclusive that should be announced shortly, while players are still struggling with Hades , who has landed on the flagship Sony on August 13.

According to some fans, the hypothesis that the Japanese giant may have something big in store has been “confirmed” by a recent banner change on all the company’s social channels.

Between hopes and assumptions, it looks like a historic PlayStation exclusive is poised for a big comeback (but it could still be two years away).

At the moment, the owners of PS5 are eagerly waiting to get their hands on some important title that can go to reinforce the catalog of the Sony flagship and definitively ferry users into the next-gen.

It is undeniable that the return of major franchises such as God of War , Horizon , and Gran Turismo (all with a now confirmed cross-gen nature) is excellent news, but many are waiting for “ real ” exclusives for the latest hardware of the Japanese giant.

To “reassure” the community about what the future of PlayStation will have in store there is a new rumor, according to which a new title from From Software (this is not Elden Ring , of course) would currently be exclusive in development.

The first information about it came from the Real Deal Xbox podcast earlier this week, during which it emerged that it would not be a hypothetical Bloodborne 2 .

To return to the topic, also addressed by DualShockers , was another podcast, this time Xbox Era, specifically from journalist Nick Baker (also known as Shpeshal Nick ), who “anticipated” that it would be a game « more soulslike than Elden Ring and Sekiro».

Even Baker himself has “confirmed” (so to speak) that it will not be a sequel to Bloodborne , but a new IP .

In conclusion, it seems that some news about it could arrive on August 19th during an unspecified PlayStation event which, once again according to rumors, would be scheduled for that day.

Same date on which Hideo Kojima, according to a strange but interesting theory from some fans, is planning to make an important announcement.

Quickly returning to the topic of PS5 exclusives, well-known analyst Michael Patcher doesn’t seem to be so optimistic, and is convinced that PS5-only titles will start arriving in 2023.

Pending further confirmation, someone has found a cleverly hidden feature in the Sony flagship, but it’s good to warn you: to exploit it, you will need to resort to a trick.

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