PS4 also beat Xbox Series X, incredible but true

PlayStation 4, a console that ended up in the attic in favor of its older sister, the PS5, apparently still has a lot to say.\r\nAlthough you play The Last of Us Part II Remastered (which you can pre-order on Amazon) it will only arrive on PlayStation 5 , releases on PS4 recorded excellent numbers, despite everything.\r\nAfter all, PS4 is still alive, given that last year in the United Kingdom sales of Sony’s last-gen console increased compared to 2022.\r \nNow, as also reported by GamesRadar, more PS4 games were sold in Europe in 2023 than Xbox Series in major European markets.\r\nIn total, more PS4 games were sold throughout 2023 than Xbox Series a decline in overall game sales in Europe compared to the same period last year, i.e. 2022.\r\nThis means that more Xbox Series still enough to beat PS4 game sales.\r\nObviously, focusing on Xbox Game Pass would explain why Xbox Series \r\nIt’s also worth highlighting too that, according to GSD data, only 34% of new games sold in Europe last year were new releases in 2023. PS4 obviously has a much larger catalog of games than Xbox Series Avowed, Indiana Jones and more. This could mean that the total number of Series r\nNot to mention that from time to time the PS4 still receives substantial updates to the system firmware.

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