PowerWash Simulator is canon in the Final Fantasy VII universe

If we made a list of cross-overs-that-you-would-not-expect, surely the one between PowerWash Simulator and Final Fantasy VII would be at least on the podium. In fact, we recently told you about the arrival of the curious DLC for the title where you have to ruthlessly clean up anything, which put you in front of scenarios well known to fans of Cloud, Tifa and companions.

Well, you will be even more curious to know that, through interviews, it had already been confirmed that this DLC is to be understood as canon in the universe of Final Fantasy VII . But in what sense and what does it mean?

To notice this significant detail was the player known on Twitter as Neco-Tan, who managed to put together the statements of the developers (thanks, The Gamer).

Cloud, let’s clean this bike, shall we?

If you played the DLC on PowerWash Simulator (find Game Pass on Amazon to play), you will have noticed that from time to time you receive messages from characters such as Cloud and Tifa: well, these texts have been reviewed and approved by Square Enix, which he also co-wrote them – which is why they are considered part of the Final Fantasy VII canon.

In this regard, to the microphones of Touch Arcade, the lead designer of PowerWash SimulatorDan Checker, declared:

“Everything, from the original concepts of the works to the models and the story, were first submitted and approved by the team in Japan.

Putting together the story and the cleanup jobs in the original timeline was a huge challenge. We hope players feel that we have done justice to this cross-over!».

Even Tetsuya Nomura himself, said “extraordinarily enthusiastic” for the collaboration between FFVII and PowerWash Simulator, and according to some he wrote some of the messages in the game himself. p>

“My first response was ‘Let’s clean up the whole Shinra building!'” Nomura joked. “Unfortunately, it looks like it was a little complicated to do, but nonetheless the final line-up [of scenarios to clean up] is still exciting.”

A few months ago we brought you our review of PowerWash Simulator, discovering an incredibly satisfying experience in a video game focused on cleaning dirt from any surface. p>

The title is available on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox – as well as Game Pass.

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