Pokemon toilet paper arrives just in time for Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon has accustomed us to seeing gadgets of all kinds, but the toilet paper dedicated to collectible creatures is actually a surprise.

In short, just look on Amazon on the fly to understand how many types of different gadgets have ever been created in regards to pocket monsters.

Starting from the most classic ones, such as the ideal soft toys to start getting familiar with the three starters of Scarlet and Violet.

Up to the beautiful new collection from PUMA, which celebrates Pokémon with a particular attention to those of the first edition which will delight nostalgics.

But Pokémon toilet paper is something we could hardly imagine seeing these days.

A gadget that, as reported by Twinfinite, arrives with perfect timing for the release of the two new adventures, namely Scarlet and Violet.

Although the comparison with the alleged quality of the two titles and the usual use of toilet paper may be an easy irony, the timing is truly surreal.

Needless to say, it is a Japanese product, for now only intended for the Japanese market and produced by Monpoké. A brand specializing in Pokémon products for children.

The branded toilet paper is available in four different prints and three different packaging. It is also perfumed, it tastes of adventure.

The pack retails for 4,800 yen, just over €33, for a pack of 12 rolls ready to travel beyond the skies of adventure .

The Pokémon that lent themselves to ensure the personal hygiene of the trainers, therefore printed on paper, are obviously Pikachu, together with Eevee, Gengar, Piplup, Mimikyu, Dedenne, Ludicolo , among others.

In short, if you spend waiting for the download of the day one patch of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, now you could also have the perfect gadget to always stay on topic.

A gadget that is perfect for Japanese fans in any case, who recently were able to enjoy a very special commercial of the game.

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