Pokemon Masters turns 6 months: new artwork

Pokémon Masters is the now famous and widespread mobile game downloadable for 6 months for all iOS systems on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

To mark the occasion, the game’s official Twitter account shared an unreleased artwork created by Pokémon Co. design manager Sang Hoon Shin.

It was an incredible six-month adventure to discover Pasio with the collaboration of iconic synchronization couples. Thank you for joining us in the Pokémon Masters League and we hope you will be looking forward to the exciting adventures we still have in store for all of you!

Pokémon Masters is set on the island of Pasio, where the rules of the fight are different from the usual and the precious link between Trainers and Pokémon is stronger than ever thanks to the Units, that is the duo formed by a human and his faithful mate.

Are you still playing it?

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