Pokemon Go flies: August 2019 is the best month since September 2016

It was a August 2019 surprisingly positive, for Pokémon Go . New content and events that Niantic is proposing for its famous mobile game have in fact attracted large audiences, as evidenced by market analyst Daniel Ahmad. Last month was indeed the best since September 2016 – and the game was launched in July 2016, so we’re talking about the boom era of Pokémon Go .

The numbers recorded by the title of Niantic made Ahmad calculate that, by the end of the year, there will be a total of 3 billion dollars of collections. For comparison, it is as if a game sold at the list price of $ 60 had sold 50 million copies. The most recent videogame appointment on console with the saga, Pokémon Let’s Go , stopped at 11 million copies.

The revenue of Pokémon Go registered until July 2019 comes to $ 2.65 billion: in the first three years after launch, the game stands only behind Clash of Clans > ($ 3.1 billion), ahead of Clash Royale ($ 2.30 billion) and Candy Crush Saga ($ 1.68 billion).

Are you among those who are still having fun chasing Pokémon around the city?

Source: Daniel Ahmad

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