Plot twist for Xbox and Starfield on PS5: the original source portrayed (but only in part)

A few days ago the possibility began to spread that Starfield, together with other Xbox exclusives, could arrive sooner or later on PS5.\r\nThe news began to circulate on February 5th through a series of authoritative sources, who believed certain in saying that Xbox was accelerating its physiological desire to bring Game Pass and/or exclusives to other platforms, including PS5.\r\nTo support the story there were also some insiders who, with some posts on the their personal profiles, have hinted that something is about to happen in this sense between Starfield, Indiana Jones but also Hi-Fi Rush, Halo and even Gears of War, potentially.\r\nOne of the sources that generated these discussions, the insider NateTheHate, has retracted his original story stating that, at least as far as he is concerned, the fact that Starfield could arrive on PS5 is fake news:\r\n\r\n«Over the course of the week, I double-checked the information mentioned below and the information suggesting that Starfield was tied to PS5 is false», states the insider in a post on X:\r\n\r\n«For clarity: I’m only speaking for myself regarding Starfield, but new updated information from my side suggests that Starfield is not destined for PS5.”\r\n\r\nAcknowledging the mistake and claiming he was wrong, NateTheHate claims the rest of the story is that Microsoft wants to bring some Xbox exclusives to PlayStation 5 remains truthful.\r\nOn the other hand, it was Phil Spencer himself who made an appointment with the entire community and the world of video games for an announcement on the future of Xbox, so something is definitely about to happen.\r\nStarfield remains , at least for the moment, firmly anchored in the Xbox ecosystem and for the moment it is still an Xbox exclusive from Microsoft. Both as a title part of Game Pass and as an independent video game sold on various platforms such as Amazon.\r\nIn recent hours there has even been talk of discontinuing the production of Xbox consoles but, in this case, it seems that Phil Spencer wanted to reassure its employees immediately.

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