PlayStation Plus, classic games are confusing fans

PlayStation Plus has been renewed these days, and the new version of Sony’s subscription has arrived in all markets.

The subscription, still available on Amazon, has changed completely also and above all for the discussed three tier of subscriptions.

There is a lot of news in the new PlayStation Plus , as you can see in our guide that we have completed in these hours.

Among these there is also the possibility to play some classic video games from the PlayStation world, accessible through some of the new tiers.

According to official communications, depending on the PlayStation Plus subscription tier that you have subscribed to, you will be able to play a selection of games .

For the Extra subscription there is a catalog that contains “up to 400 games” for PS4 and PS5. For Premium subscribers, however, there is the possibility of playing some classic games available both in streaming and in download.

As VG247 reports, however, the layout of these games is not always very clear and is confusing players.

For example, the remake of Medievil for PS4 is included in the Extra catalog, while the remake of Mafia is in the Premium selection , where the PlayStation classics should be.

And this is not an isolated case, as many users are reporting these oddities on Reddit . For example, Saints Row Remastered and Demon’s Souls for PS5 are within the Extras menu, but BioShock is in Premium.

It seems that, at the moment, the games included in the various subscription tiers have not yet been cataloged in the right way. The problem is that some games remain inaccessible, when they should be. .

At the same time, some previously announced games are not available on the European PlayStation Plus: here are which ones.

And if you’re already browsing the classic games category , here are a few you need to catch up on first: the five best PlayStation Plus classic games.

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