PlayStation, more and more women report sexism at work

It seems that sexes have also occurred in the offices of PlayStation in the workplace.

In the world of video games more and more cases have emerged in recent years, which tell of serious problems within the studios, and also in the Japanese company they have verified.

Among the most sensational of recent years there is certainly the maxi-case of harassment within Activision Blizzard, for which Bobby Kotick also wanted to bribe the press so they wouldn’t talk about it.

And only recently did Riot Games come out of a long similar lawsuit, talking about how it will face the future .

It seems that Sony will also have to deal with similar accusations , within a lawsuit that is supported by more and more witnesses .

A lawsuit for episodes of sexism at work which was filed last November but, after initial archiving, received the support of other victims.

As PlayStation Lifestyle reports, the initial lawsuit brought forward by Emma Majo , a former cyber security analyst, was supported by eight other women , including Sony veteran, Marie Harrington, who has worked with the company for 16 years.

Kara Johnson, one of the women named who worked as a program manager, said she saw at least ten women leave the Rancho Bernardo, California, PlayStation office due to a unlivable situation.

A situation that she also recounted in a public statement, an open letter shared with other working women. In which, in addition to the extract that we report, Johnson reports that he has repeatedly tried to report the situation to the human resources representative , a man who has always ignored the story:

“I don’t think Sony is prepared to handle toxic workplaces properly”

To stay in the PlayStation field, Bungie, recently acquired by the Japanese company, also faced similar accusations a few years ago .

A few days ago, however, the Japanese giant took a stand against Russia, and the serious crisis that Ukraine is experiencing .

Who knows if, for this reason too, PlayStation will be “doomed” , as a famous analyst declared a few days ago.

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