PlayStation 5, what will the console logo be?

It’s amazing how far PlayStation 5 is already on everyone’s lips, even though Sony has not yet granted the official announcement – having only limited to let you know that there will surely be an heir for PlayStation 4.

So, while waiting to find out if 2019 will be the year of the next-gen announcement, colleagues from the specialized site PSU have put together a some design of the possible logo of the future console, which take into account the various alternatives that Sony could allow itself.

What logo could PS5 have?

We remain, it is worth pointing out, in pure field of theory , considering that at the moment we do not even know if PS5 will be called PS5 (even if it seems impossible any other choice, considering the consistency that has until now distinguished the names of Sony home consoles ).

A first possible logo is the one made by Funk , which imagined the PS4 font with the PlayStation figure keys to characterize the “5”, symbol of the next console. The result would be as follows.

An alternative, elaborated by Do not Feed the Gamers , could be the resumption of the logo characters of PS2 , with that of the “2” mirrored to form a “5”. It might actually make sense considering how much PlayStation 2 has been popular on the market – even today.

Finally, the colleagues of the US Gamer site have tried to imagine a logo much more “soft”, with particularly rounded curves, in which the “5” has characters even sweeter than those of the “S” that supports it. The result could be the following.

It remains to be seen if, indeed, one of these will turn out to be the logo of the future PlayStation 5 , which is monopolizing the attention even more, since Sony has announced that it will skip the E3 2019 at the same level. Can it be linked to the announcement, by the end of the year, of the new console in an independent event entirely dedicated? Even here, we are in the field of theories where it is more or less everything, until it will be Sony itself to come forward with official press releases.

How do you think these possible logos of PlayStation 5? What do you think is the most plausible for Sony’s next-gen console?

If you’re looking for all the PS5-themed rumors, do not forget to check out our dedicated section.

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