Persona fans should hang loose in the summer, per an insider

If you’ve been waiting for Persona 6 and Persona 3 Remake, summer could be the perfect season for all of you.

Although many will be waiting for news on the franchise because, with Persona 5 Royal, which you can find on Amazon, the legendary JRPG saga has become much more popular in recent years and has landed on many platforms.

Just recently Persona 3 Portable also landed on Nintendo Switch, with a long-awaited porting and lots of Italian translation (here you can find our review).

All while Persona 5 has further increased its potential after being arrived on Xbox Game Pass, now basically the whole world is waiting for Persona 6.

As PlayStation Lifestyle reports, next summer could be the ideal time to see new titles of the franchise.

According to an insider’s statement on Resetera, both Persona 6 and the alleged remake of Persona 3 could be shown by Atlus during the next summer.

These two projects are defined as “very advanced” in their development, and for this reason they would be ready to be shown to the general public, so much so that according to sources they should have already been revealed.

The user in question, verified by one of the moderators of ResetEra, would be part of a team that works with Atlus and for this reason can declare that the developer has changed several times the plans about when the two titles would be shown.

This would also make sense of the constant rumors, complete with clues, about the reveal of Persona 6 that followed one another throughout 2022. Which was followed by continuous clarifications from Atlus, and still new rumors and clues.

Some time ago the producer of the series, Shinjiro Takada, anticipated that Atlus would thank the fans in a special way, during 2023 , which marks an important anniversary for the saga. Plausible that the thanks in question is precisely the arrival of these two announcements.

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