Pac-Man is about to become a movie… live action

If you have the feeling that lately we have been surrounded by movies and TV series dedicated to the world of video games, know that – no, it’s not a feeling: that’s it. A few days ago we chatted about the huge number of productions now in the pipeline, to which a further one is added: that of Pac-Man .

The exclusive news was The Hollywood Reporter , who learned of the work already in progress on a film dedicated to the most famous yellow ball in video games. The curious side is that it will be a live-action film , that is, with real actors. It is therefore plausible that a solution similar to that of Sonic is sought – in turn fresh from confirmation for a third return to the cinema, just a few hours ago.

According to the source, the film is (obviously) made with the blessing of Bandai Namco and entrusted to Wayfarer Studios . Regarding what he will tell, we learn that it will be a completely original story signed by the producer of Sonic The Hedgehog.

We translate directly from The Hollywood Reporter :

“The project will be based on an original idea by Chuck Williams (Sonic The Hedgehog) of Lightbream Entertainment. [Justin] Baldoni, Manu Gargi and Andrew Calof will produce on behalf of Wayfarer Studios ».

Beyond these names, however, we do not know any other details about this project: we do not know who will be entrusted with the direction or on which elements the cast will be able to count. We don’t even know if the idea that he could follow a style like that of Sonic is accurate – even if frankly it seems the only one possible, for a live action starring Pac-Man .

Among the films dedicated to video games, it was recently confirmed that the new project dedicated to Tomb Raider , on the other hand, has been shipwrecked, due to the expiration of the concession of the rights. We will not see Alicia Vikander again in the role of the most famous archaeologist in video games, save for big surprises.

Regarding Pac-Man , however, we recently reviewed for you Pac-Man Museum + : if you need to refresh your memory with a little classics ahead of the film, you can find the game on Instant Gaming.

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