Overwatch: Sigma is available on all platforms

Overwatch , Blizzard’s famous online multiplayer shooter, has now been enriched with a new character, most notably the thirty-first.

We are talking about Sigma , which at the end of July had been made available for PC in the Public Test Region (PTR).

Now, the new character has been officially released on all the platforms on which the game is available. Below is the new presentation video dedicated to Sigma.


The official description portrays him as’ a brilliant scientist who suffered the effects of a failed experiment, thus obtaining the ability to manipulate gravity. Sigma suffered severe psychological damage during the tragic experiment and, considered a threat to humanity, was locked up for years in a secret government facility before being released by Talon, who is using him as a living weapon. ‘ >

In any case, find all the news, videos and articles regarding the Blizzard title in the dedicated tab.

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