Overwatch 2 is updated, Season 2 brings new paid content

Overwatch 2 has arrived after a very long wait and, as promised, the additional content of the new battle pass system is also arriving.

One of the big differences compared to the Blizzard shooter of 2016, whose gadgets you can find on Amazon, which obviously did not offer the free to play formula.

Which, it must be admitted, has generated decidedly surreal situations such as a game object sold at a higher price than the real consideration.

And while there was some bad news about the first major updates, now players Overwatch 2 can finally enjoy all the opportunities.

As happens in every free to play title, Overwatch 2 is also preparing to alternate the competitive seasons with related free and paid bonuses.

Blizzard reports the many new features on the official site, explaining how this is the biggest update of the I’ve played so far… also because it’s my first.

The update brings Ramattra, the first tank that can fully shapeshift as part of its main abilities, along with a new map.

With the new season of Overwatch 2 comes another round of balance changes, to bring some heroes more in line with competitive balance than the rest of the heroes.

With the new season comes a new rotation of maps. In addition to the new map, Shambali Monastery, players can look forward to the return of a fan favorite map, Rialto, and the most epic place on earth, Blizzard World.

Finally, the aesthetic contents, inspired by Greek mythology, with contents that will be exclusive to the Battle Pass Premium, i.e. the Zeus skin of Queen of the Junkers .

In short, Overwatch 2 doesn’t really seem to want to stop and, after its initial success, we can say that it is quietly in the wake of finding its place in the panorama of multiplayer games.

An update, this, which arrives very soon with the patch 3.41, smaller but no less important.

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