Other than sequels, here are the Final Fantasy VII NFT trading cards

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the new target of the NFTs of Square Enix, which has now decided to put commercialization of collectible cards.

The return of the legendary JRPG, which you can still find on Amazon, is unwillingly involved in the new operation linked to the publisher’s NFTs.

In reality, Square Enix has been getting carried away with non-fungible tokens for a long time, since the last few years of Final Fantasy XIV.

A type of products which, together with the latest results of expected titles such as Forspoken, are increasingly at the heart of the company’s operations.

As VGC reports, in fact, Square Enix has given itself to collectible cards for Final Fantasy VII, which however contain NFT .

The collection, which is called Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum: Digital Card Plus, is made up of 207 cards. Each pack, whichcosts ¥440 (€3.30), contains six physical trading cards and one “digital trading card”.

Yes, that’s exactly what you’re thinking: an NFT.

This token can be exchanged for a digital version of the same, and Square Enix that you can get an NFT version of any of the 207 physical cards.

The collection therefore lies precisely in this aspect because, as Square Enix declares, there is no maximum limit to the number of NFT cards that can be redeemed, therefore the entire collection can be made in digital.

This experiment sounds strange not only because it focuses on NFTs, but also because Square Enix could very well have made a simple set of physical trading cards or, at this point , digital only.

Square Enix’s experimentation therefore continues in the world of unique digital content and does so with Final Fantasy VII, and which despite everything still seems to be a great priority for the company.

And she’s by no means the only one, of course. PlayStation is continuing unabated with its collection of digital rewards, while Epic Games claims its cryptocurrency games are even much played and loved.

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