Oreo-themed Xbox Series S is… too bad to be true

Some time ago, Microsoft and Oreo announced that they had joined forces for a new partnership, which brings together the gaming brand Xbox and the famous biscuits. This, in the frame of a prize contest of which you can find all the details on the official website, also allows you to try to win a Xbox Series S… peculiar.

I’ll make a premise by writing subjectively: I think that Series S is probably the console with the most intriguing design among the three next-gens. I have a soft spot for consoles in white livery and the clean and seductive lines of the little girl from Microsoft had an absolutely effect on me. That’s why seeing Series S transformed into a giant Oreo is a bit strange and I think it does it little justice. But it’s a matter of taste – it’s really worth saying – and I’ll leave the final judgment to you.

The Twitter user Idle Sloth, known for his Xbox-themed content, has in fact published some photos of the special Oreo-themed Xbox Series S, which is confirmed to be unique, I would say.

You find the console placed in the center of two large biscuits, while on the on the front there is a small window from which the circular grid of the small Xbox looks out. The result is so tacky that it risks making the rounds and becoming beautiful. Surely, as a collector’s item it will be more unique than rare, as you can see for yourself.

We remind our readers that the Xbox Series S is the cheapest of the next generation platforms: with a lower computing power than Series X, this console does not have a Blu-Ray player and only allows you to play games in digital format, purchased from the Xbox store or included in the Game Pass subscription.

Its list price, equal to 299.99 euros, has actually seen it often also offered at lower figures (as now on Amazon), making it particularly attractive for those interested in the Xbox library and Game Pass – whereas Series S runs all the same games as Series X, optimized for its specifications.

On the pages of Gameshift.it you will find our in-depth analysis dedicated to the little girl from Microsoft, while on its Oreo variant we leave it to you to judge. Oreos are pretty good, and Series S is very, very elegant. The two things together, however, are certainly… curious.

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