One Piece in the Elden Ring Interregnum is a dream for fans

Elden Ring, one of the best FromSoftware-branded soulslikes currently out there, has long been the focus of truly amazing fan-made mods. p>

The game (of which you can buy the Launch Edition at a good price on Amazon) has in fact seen over time players indulge themselves with some really beautiful gifts to see.

Just recently, a modder decided to modify the famous open world soulslike to transform it into Pokémon Scarlet, although now another fan has decided to go even further.

Already last August someone had in fact decided to merge the world of One Piece with that of Elden Ring, but the result achieved now is incredible.

As DSO Gaming also reported, ‘MrMorritos3D’ has released an incredible mod pack of One Piece content for the d fantasy action from FromSoftware.

This mod changes many of the Elden Ring bosses with characters and villain of One Piece. It also lets you control Luffy himself. Going into details, here are the changes made by this mod.

Kizaru: Margitt/Morgott
Akainu: Godrick
Kurohige: the noble Godskin
Doffy: the apostle Godskin
Boa Hancock: Rennala
Lucci: Maliketh
Remi: the fire giant
Magellan: Mogh
Goal D Roger: Radagon
Reyleigh: Melina
Marines: Godrick Soldiers

This is an unmissable mod for all One Piece fans, which you can download from this address. Below you can also find a gameplay trailer that leaves very little room for imagination.

Speaking again of the soulslike in question, Elden Ring Dark Moon is a package designed for fans of the From title, as well as those of the seminal Bloodborne.

But that’s not all: another really crazy mod that went viral on social media brought Bill Clinton playable to Elden Ring, riding in the wake of what has now rightfully become the meme of the year.

Finally, Luffy fans and the rest of the crew better keep an eye out for the next One Piece Odyssey, which promises to be very interesting indeed.

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