One of the largest unions in the USA working for video game developers

The big changes always materialize starting from small steps – and it is for some time that the first small steps to improve the question of the crunch of video game developers are taking place. We have seen, in 2018 and 2019, a greater opening by the same companies, between those who have self-denounced and those who have made it known to avoid the crunch, which considers a practice to be avoided, which would like to guarantee healthier working conditions to their employees, but also to make sure that the production schedules are respected.

We are talking about an atavistic problem that has also pushed some developers to opt for other jobs (Amy Hennig also initially left the AAA to this reason, for example) or positions, putting their health in first place – yes. We talked about it abundantly in one of our letters to Santa Claus at the end of 2019, in which – against the current – we hoped that many games will be postponed in 2020.

Well, it seems that these small steps are finally leading to something concrete: the union Communications Workers of America (one of the largest in the USA) has in fact launched a new project that intends to finally create a union that protects the rights of video game developers (and those who work in the world of technology), ensuring that practices and schedules do not compromise the health of the people involved.

The campaign, renamed CODE ( Campaign to Organize Digital Employees ), sees the collaboration of the CWA and another body that had come forward to protect the rights of those who work in the industry, the Game Workers Unite (GWU).

Hope is that joint efforts, with the experience of CWA , can finally lead to a safe support for those who create the video games that we all love, and that cannot have the price of their health due to the overly optimistic roadmaps proposed to investors.

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