On the Humble Store the balances on games dedicated to pirates and surfers

If your landline has always been that of browsing , whether it was real or virtual, the discounts highlighted by the store Humble Store – of the site Humble Bundle – could do the job. In this moment, in fact, you can take advantage of promotions that cut up to 90% of the price of some titles dedicated to pirates and surfers.

Among the titles in promotion:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV at 6.79 € (66%)
  • Subnautica at 16.09 € (30%)
  • ABZU at 9.99e (50%)
  • Sailway at 18.49€ (50%)
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates at 2.49€ (75%)
  • Tempest at 4.49€ (75%)
  • Sunless Sea at 7.59€ ​​(60%)
  • Depth at 4.19â € (75%)
  • Song of the Deep at 3.74€ (75%)

For the complete list of games on sale, you can refer to the link below:

  • Humble Store – Discounts on pirated and navigation games

Are you ready to set sail on any of these titles?

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