On Steam for free this weekend a game from which you will never be able to tear yourself away

free games are always good news and in the summer, when maybe you have a little more free time than usual, they are even more. On Gameshift , as you have noticed, we always let you know both the free games, the renewal of the games included in the subscriptions, and the possibility to play for free for a period of time limited some titles: it is also the case of the game that we want to report today.

As anyone who has been following Steam for a long time knows, in fact, the catalog of digital games from Valve often offers free weekends , that is, it allows you to access for free to specific games – with no limits to the progress you can make – for specific calendar days, in this case those of the weekend.

So, if a few hours ago we reported a free game that you can redeem and keep permanently with you in your Steam library (but hurry up: you have until August 1st), today we let you know that for the whole weekend you can play for free the excellent management system Two Point Hospital . Complete with Sonic themed content.

Why, you wonder? Well, why not, as both releases are under the SEGA label?

Two Point Hospital does not take itself seriously for any reason

The game is an irreverent management that asks you to build and manage your hospital, also taking care of the staff: you will have to erect offices, exam rooms, fix the best media there in their clinics, manage the queue of patients and prepare you for any health emergency.

The curious side of Two Point Hospital , as we told you in both the PC review and the Nintendo Switch adaptation review, is that all of this is not and does not want to be absolutely realistic : the game is pervaded by a hilarious atmosphere in which the exams are fun and grotesque, among cookers who treat mysterious symptoms to people with blows pan and rooms where things happen that you wouldn’t want to tell too much about.

Once you’ve played all weekend, if you decide you don’t want to let go of your hospital and want to buy Two Point Hospital to keep it with you after the free weekend ends, then you might take advantage of a 75% discount on the price list, adding it to your library for € 8.74 instead of € 34.99.

But these are things you’ll see later: for now, enjoy the weekend for free and good luck with your hospital.

Speaking of Steam, in these hours Steam Deck continues to be talked about, the portable “console” which is actually a PC and on which from the end of the year you can also play Two Point Hospital : in an interview, in fact, Valve explained that they see a future where other manufacturers could create further iterations of this platform, which could become a constant in the gaming world.

Before all this happens, however, Steam Deck will have to come out: we have told you in depth all the specifications, prices and details of the platform. To this, let’s add that you can also install Windows and take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass or the free games of the Epic Games Store, and we further understand why the new machine by Steam is at the center of these summer chatter of video game lovers.

If you want to arm yourself with a PC to take advantage of free games on Steam, check out this great discount offer on Amazon.

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