Obviously, Ganondorf drove Zelda fans crazy

It was hard to imagine that the next Zelda wouldn’t give Ganondorf a chance to take the stage, and indeed the latest trailer showed us just the historic villain of Link.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which you can already pre-order on Amazon, is in the pipeline and will make Switch to a dazzling second half of 2023.

Just the last presentation dedicated to the title finally gave Ganondorf a face , confirming his presence in the history of the sequel.

And also an entry because, for the first time in a Zelda, Ganondorf will be fully dubbed, and for the English version, there’s a well-known star.

Ganondorf’s appearance immediately struck the fans , and also the writer, and in particular it is his appearance that has aroused the attention and imagination of the community.

On Reddit, of course, the analysis for understand some secrets about the historic villain of the saga. The clothing of him halfway between the samurai and the Arab in particular has aroused many reflections.

His clothing looks a lot like Ganondorf from The Wind Waker, the red and black dress with one sleeve removed is very reminiscent of the one worn by the villain in the oceanic adventure of Links.

There are so many other details that fans are noticing and that, actually, we can’t wait to be explored by the title once it’s released.

The model shown by Nintendo does not have the wound on his chest that we see in his corpse, the one that appears in the very first trailer of Tears of the Kingdom .

Also, although fans know that Ganondorf is the only male Gerudo historically born into the all-female ethnicity, his clothes don’t closely resemble those of the Gerudos we know from Breath of the Wild.

Some argue, I won’t actually go back, that since the character is an entity that is about 10 thousand years old, it is probable that his clothing (and that of any civilization in which he has lived) has inspired by the Gerudos themselves.

What strikes Zelda fans is also the appearance of Ganondorf, menacing and charming, and above all his jewels full of what would appear to be holes in which to insert “tears” , the mysterious objects that also give the game its name.

We just have to wait and, when in doubt, who knows if some of our previously elaborated theories will turn out to be real.

In the meantime, we know how Link’s adventure will begin, and also where, within the new title for Nintendo Switch.

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