Now you can create a custom Focus like that of Horizon (complete with tutorials)

For several weeks, PlayStation players have had the opportunity to get their hands on Horizon Forbidden West , the latest title from Guerrilla Games.

The sequel to the adventures of Aloy immediately convinced everyone, audiences and critics alike, going to claim the place of one of the best PS5 exclusives since the release of Sony’s next-gen.

The epic in the Forbidden West has already received some patches, although it has had to face, despite himself, the u scythe of another sacred monster awaited for so many years.

The success of the game in the community of fans does not stop, however, and someone has collected their own ideas to create by hand an object equal to an essential one present in the title.

Since the first Horizon , Aloy uses the so-called Focus , a special technological tool that allows our protagonist to see things and information otherwise impossible to notice, a augmented reality which also gives the possibility to analyze the machines and the structures of the world that once was.

User BeveledUp on Reddit posted an image of a Focus homemade , and also attached a link where it is You can view the tutorial to make the object.

I made a scale Focus prop! Also put together a tutorial (Imgur) so you guys can make your own. from horizon

You can find the aforementioned tutorial at this link, and the interesting thing is that it also comes in perfect Horizon style, with graphics identical to the one we see in the game, in terms of materials and crafting.

In any case, the materials used are mainly plastic , glue , adhesive tape and spray colorful, so it doesn’t seem to be something so prohibitive to do.

The result is still really noteworthy, and with the tutorial now you can also try to make your own Focus.

Finally, if you want to discover all the advantages of Horizon Forbidden West , we suggest you read our review, a rich and in-depth examination of the new Guerrilla title.

If you miss Aloy, you can buy Horizon Forbidden West at this address at the best available price.

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