Nothing new on GOW Ragnarok, so someone sends explicit photos to harass the developers

Apparently, a requirement that has become fundamental to surviving this era as a video game author is having a superhuman ability to jump among the toxic behaviors of people online. We talked about it just a few hours ago, when Ron Gilbert decided to close the comments on his blog and stop providing updates on Return to Monkey Island following the insults received. And unfortunately we are talking about it again because a developer of God of War: Ragnarok , at work for Sony Santa Monica , has reported having received online harassment from some “fans” who he was hoping to unstitch the game’s release date.

The surreal side is how he was convinced he could extract the information from her: sending her, obviously without asking for any consent, an explicit photo of her genitals . The situation has largely gotten out of hand and developer Estelle Tigani , producer for the game’s animated sequences, did not fail to point out:

«A useful tip: sending me pictures of the c ** or wondering what the release date of God of War: Ragnarok will be will not, in fact, prompt me to reveal the release date .

To the people who are doing this: when did this ever work? ».

The appropriate animated gif follows her message, inviting you to leave it and get help from whoever is responsible.

The report from the developer was also followed by Cory Barlog, director of the first God of War , who only this afternoon had asked for some patience for the announcements on the return of Kratos.

In his speech, the director does not send them to say and vents against the toxic part of the community, who is giving the worst of himself with particular commitment, in these hours:

«Do you take me for the c * o, c * o? I can’t believe I have to say this, but don’t send any fucking pictures of the c ** to ANYONE on this team, nor to anyone else in the industry actually. They are doing their best to create something you can enjoy. Have some ca ** or respect “.

Little to add to Barlog’s comment, already pretty clear about him. The behaviors in question are unfortunately only the latest in a long series that puts the healthy part of the community in a lot of embarrassment: just brush up on the case of The Last of Us – Part II , between threatened developers and forced voice actors to obscure from social networks due to the hatred received by some elements.

Something similar happened after the controversy over the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on older generation consoles, with some members of CD Projekt RED having to remove their online profiles to stop receiving insults and threats in their private messages.

We are waiting patiently for news about the game , which will arrive when the time comes and the title is ready. And, waiting for that moment, it would be appropriate not to send, with incomprehensible surges of self-esteem and little respect for oneself and others, explicit photos of any kind to harass the developers – or anyone.

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