Not just GTA 6: the Rockstar series reaches another milestone

Rockstar Games has recently confirmed that on December 5th we will see its GTA 6, although now it is time to return to talking about the series in its entirety.\r\nConsidering the success of the fifth chapter of the saga (find the current-gen edition on Amazon) the franchise is an absolute cult, capable of selling a dizzying number of copies.\r\nAnd if recently the famous GTA 5 has exceeded an out-of-scale number of units sold since its launch way back in 2013 on Xbox 360 and PS3, it seems that the entire saga has achieved sales beyond imagination.\r\nAs also reported by GameRant, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has sold a total of 410 million units, and the achievement is largely attributed to the success of GTA 5.\r\nGTA 5 has in fact sold 190 million units, representing almost half of the sales of the entire series.\r\nThe new data, which arrived shortly after Rockstar’s announcement of the GTA trailer 6, confirm that the series has maintained its commercial momentum starting in the first half of 2023.\r\nAnother factor to consider is that the GTA series is historically prone to delays, as underlined by the fact that all of its chapters in 3D , except Liberty City Stories, have been postponed at least once.\r\nA reveal in December 2023, therefore, does not necessarily guarantee that GTA 6 will be released in early 2025. For example, it took Rockstar almost two years to finish GTA 5 after presenting the game in November 2011.\r\nIn any case, we can only imagine what numbers GTA 6 will be able to do, perhaps bringing the series into the Olympus of the most profitable videogame IPs of all time (which is already a reality , in fact).\r\nSticking on the topic of successes, the post in which Rockstar Games communicates the date and time of the first GTA 6 trailer has become the post with the most \

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