Nomura kindly asks you not to give spoilers about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

There’s very little time left until Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Tetsuya Nomura officially asks the community not to reveal important parts of the plot to the gaming public.\r\nIt’s true that Rebirth (you can find it on Amazon) takes up a story that still has quite a bit years behind us, but today there may be people who have never experienced the original Final Fantasy VII and, in general, know nothing about the story of Square Enix’s epic JRPG.\r\nSome spoilers have already been leaked on social media media in recent weeks and, now that the game is arriving in the hands of content creators and players, many more will arrive.\r\nFor this reason, Tetsuya Nomura asked fans not to exaggerate with sharing content and to be very careful (via IGN US).\r\nThe director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launched an appeal to players that you should listen to, in our opinion:\r\n\r\n«When you publish something that is strongly related to the story of the game on social media and video sharing sites, I ask that you make sure to include spoiler warnings so as not to impact the experience of those who have yet to play. I would also be very grateful if you could refrain from using scenes from those vital parts of the story in your video thumbnails.”\r\n\r\nFor the occasion, Nomura also specified that Square Enix still chose not to disable recording and sharing functions for any part of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as this would limit a player’s ability to comment on their gaming experience.\r\nBut Nomura still asks for «respect towards all the players out there who want to avoid any spoilers”, and therefore try to behave well.\r\nIn our review, strictly without spoilers, we told you that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth “represents the best way to bring this iconic series into the modern era, returning the old ones to the general public sensations of the past while introducing new game systems which we hope will be the basis for all the other chapters to come.”

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