NiOh 2 officially welcomes a demo!

If you still haven’t tried NiOh 2 and if you missed our controller impressions in hand in the recent video preview, we would like to point out that you still have an opportunity: the arrival of a free demo of the game , which will anticipate the release. In this trial version, you will find several new features of the Team Ninja video game, including the Yokai that you can summon to help you in combat.

You can play three missions to test the samurai and their skills – whose progress will not be transferred to the final game, contrary to the aspect of the character you will create .

The demo will be available from February 28th at 00.00 Italian time, until Sunday March 1st at 11.59pm . The final release of NiOh 2 remains set for March 13th.

Source: PlayStation

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