Nioh 2: lots of gameplay with new area, boss fight with Makara Naotaka

The Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation hosted the game director of Nioh 2, Fumihiko Yasuda, to present a lot of new gameplay of Nioh 2 filmed live.

The gameplay in question , of about fifteen minutes, represents a new area and the Switchglaive, a recently revealed transformable weapon, in action.

Furthermore, we also find a boss fight with Makara Naotaka, a powerful samurai and historical figure actually existed in the Sengoku era in the service of the Asakura clan.

Just like in reality, Naotaka is known in the game for his ability with the Nodachi, a weapon that resembles a katana, only longer and heavier .

We leave you to watch the clip below, reminding you that Nioh 2 will be available in the very crowded month of March 2020 only for PlayStation 4.


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