Nintendo wins the lawsuit against MariCar again, a company inspired by Mario Kart

Some time ago, we found ourselves talking about the curious case of MariCar, a company accused of using the popularity of Mario Kart to launch a kart rental service that even allowed to accompany the vehicle in costumes dedicated to the protagonists of video games.

As it was legitimate to imagine, Nintendo did not accept the thing willingly and decided to go through legal channels. The result? The judge recognized the violations of MariCar, which was sanctioned for an amount of 10 million yen (about € 75,000) and “invited” to cease its activity.

However, things did not go as they should: MariCar in fact changed its name to Street Kart and tried to distance itself as much as possible from the brand owned by Nintendo, while continuing to operate. He then appealed against the first sentence , but obtained the opposite result as hoped: the Court in fact found the company guilty, which violated an intellectual property, with the penalty passed now at as much as 50 million yen – over € 416,000 .

The appeal therefore did not bring luck to the late MariCar. Nintendo, for its part, has said that it will continue to take legal action, also in the future, to protect its intellectual property.

Source: NintendoLife

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