Nintendo Switch Pro a week after the E3, will it have The Witcher 3 and GTA V?

The rumor of a potential new pair of Nintendo Switch models has never gone out of style and, indeed, there may soon be news in this regard.

As revealed by Kotaku in the latest Splitscreen podcast, “we will not see new Switch models” at E3 2019 and Nintendo has been very clear on the subject.

However, this will happen because “Nintendo usually advertises hardware the week after E3” and this may only mean a postponement of the presentation of these models.

Rumors, we recall, spoke of a cheaper version, geared towards families and children, and a more performing version in New 3DS style.

Jason Schreier, a well-known journalist when it comes to leaks and first-rate information, said he expects “Switch Pro paired with large triple-A ports”.

These would also include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which had been the subject of very convincing rumors yesterday, and GTA V.

We will have to wait a little beyond E3 but, in short, it would seem that even under the Nintendo hardware profile we are giving a lot to do.

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