Nintendo eShop Black Friday: the best games for less than 5 euros

Gamers armed with Nintendo Switch can right now take advantage of a series of discounts on Nintendo eShop that were launched on the occasion of Black Friday, and which allow you to save on numerous titles – as we reported in our news.\r\nWe have so I decided to take a tour of the store (you can do it too, directly from the eShop page of your Nintendo Switch console) to point out some of the most interesting games on sale at really reduced prices.\r\nIf, in fact, you have thought about spend a maximum of 5 euros to bring home some new games, what could you find?\r\nTaking a look on Nintendo eShop to see the ongoing promotions, we have identified some of the most interesting games that you can buy on Switch for less of 5 euros. If you need to top up your credit, remember that you can find it at a reduced price on Instant Gaming.\r\nLet’s see below some of the most interesting games that you can buy at the moment for less than 5 euros from Nintendo eShop.\r\ nGames for less than 5 euros now on Nintendo eShop\r\n\r\nLEGO Worlds for €4.49 instead of €29.99\r\nUnravel Two for €3.89 instead of €29.99\r\nWRC 10 €4.99 instead of €49.99\r\nWorms Rumble for €2.99 instead of €14.99\r\nNickelodeon Kart Racers for €4.49 instead of €29.99\r\nGRIS for €4.24 instead €16.99\r\nLEGO Brawls for €4.99 instead of €19.99\r\nTorchlight III for €4.99 instead of €39.99\r\nLost in Random for €3.89 instead of €29.99 \r\nWhat Remains of Edith Finch at €4.99 instead of €19.99\r\nBroforce at €2.99 instead of €14.99\r\nThe Messenger at €4.99 instead of €19.99\r\ nA Short Hike for €4.19 instead of €6.99\r\nThe Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition for €4.49 instead of €29.99\r\nTorchlight II for €3.99 instead of €19.99\r\ nCris Tales for €3.99 instead of €39.99\r\nMortal Shell: Complete Edition for €4.99 instead of €24.99\r\nEnter the Gungeon for €4.49 instead of €14.99\r\nThe Walking Dead: The Complete First Season for €3.74 instead of €14.99\r\nPikuniku for €3.24 instead of €12.99\r\nOceanhorn for €3.74 instead of €14.99\r\nRogue Legacy for €2.99 instead of €14.99\r\nGorogoa for €4.49 instead of €14.99\r\nJohn Wick Hex for €2.99 instead of €19.99\r\n\r\nYou can also see the (many) other offers for less than 5 euros directly by taking a look at this link to the Nintendo eShop, or directly on your console by accessing the eShop icon on the Switch board.\r\nWe remind you that the games that found in the list can be enjoyed on all versions of Nintendo Switch: whether you own the most recent OLED (you can now find it quite easily on Amazon), whether you own the Standard, or whether you have opted for the small and extremely portable Lite.\r\nThe only exception is games that specifically require you to disconnect the Joy-Cons from the console: in that case, the Lite requires additional Joy-Cons.\r\nIf all this abundance of different Nintendo Switch models are causing you more confusion than anything else, we recommend that you take a look at our guide where we show you closely all the differences between the various models, so that you can find the ideal one for you.

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