Nintendo Cinematic Universe yes or no? Fans are divided

Super Mario Bros. – The Movie is grossing record figures all over the world, so much so that it has officially become the best videogame adaptation ever.

Record that previously had the second chapter of Sonic, which you can find in Home Video at a great price on Amazon, which can be seen now forced to give way to his historical rival.

After all, not even the blue hedgehog can do anything against a film whose music has officially become a historical heritage, and which is making Nintendo a lot of money.

With its $500 million grossed in less than two weeks Super Mario Bros. – The Film is the most successful videogame feature film ever: will this kick off a real Nintendo Cinematic Universe along the lines of the Marvel one? Fans like the idea, but not too much.

As The Gamer also reported, on the CasualNintendo subreddit, a fan posted his prediction of a possible Nintendo Cinematic Universe, with an image showing “Phase 1” and some titles from invented films with characters such as Star Fox, Zelda and Metroid.

This has inevitably led to alternative imaginings of an MCU-like future, with other fan-made images showing Kirby and Donkey Kong movies.

Some of these ideas have been very popular with fans, and some have even believed they were official. However, there has also been an – inevitable – backlash from those who really wouldn’t be there.

No Reddit, we are not getting a Nintendo Cinematic Universe….
by u/yvngjiffy703 in casualnintendo

Someone has in fact declared, without too many compliments: «I hate the idea of ​​cinematographic universes», writes a redditor. «I just want to watch a movie without having to watch the previous ones».

Marvel was perhaps the pioneer of the cinematic universe concept, and its influence can be seen in the way rivals like DC have tried to follow in their footsteps, with less success, and in the way its parent company, Disney, has copied the formula to expand other franchises such as Star Wars. It’s also true that not everyone likes this way of entertaining.

So we’ll see if Nintendo will really follow in the footsteps of the House of Ideas, or not. Meanwhile, the new Super Mario film has an MCU-style post-credits scene that would anticipate the sequel.

Not to mention that one of the songs featured in the film, precisely that of Bowser/Jack Black, could also win an Oscar.

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