Nintendo breaks records: sales dominance in Japan for 18 years in a row

Nintendo has always been very strong in Japan, but now it has achieved a new sales record on Japanese soil.

A boost that was certainly possible also thanks to Switch, the console (which you can find on Amazon) that in each of its versions has managed to sell beyond all expectations.

Nintendo has even surpassed itself in this case, because Nintendo Switch has managed to beat even the immortal Game Boy in terms of sales in history.

Drawn by many successful video games, even the most controversial ones. Like Pokémon Scarlet and Violet which, despite everything, have become the best-selling video games of the company.

For this reason, as VGC reports, the Big N dominated the Japanese sales rankings for almost twenty years.

In 2022, 9 out of 10 physical games sold in Japan were for Nintendo Switch, itself the best-selling console of the year.

Retracing the commercial history of the company, it is since 2005 that the Kyoto House has held the majority of positions in the ranking of the best-selling video games of the year in Japan.

In fact, in 2004, PlayStation 2 dominated the charts overtaking Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube, with 8 games out of 10 in the annual chart marked by Sony.

Since then, the most of the top ten best-selling games in Japan each year have been on Nintendo platforms, according to historical data from Famitsu.

The year’s best-selling game in Japan has only been on a non-Nintendo platform twice, namely Dragon Quest VIII in 2004 and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G in 2008. Since then, however, 13 of the last 19 annual best sellers of the Rising Sun have been published by the Big N.

On the hardware front, only one year in the last 18 years has seen a non-Nintendo console top Japan: the PSP in 2010. Every other year, the DS, 3DS or Nintendo Switch were the best-selling consoles.

A positive trend that could now be accompanied by the big screen, because after the upcoming Super Mario Bros film, the idea of ​​adapting The Legend of Zelda is also in the pipeline.

The important thing is that not done in VR in any case, because the result would be terrifying: like this one.

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