New Year 2022, the best greeting cards from the video game industry

A good opportunity to wish you a happy New Year 2022 is to share the best wishes from the video game industry.

Looking back, we got to play a lot of video games despite the shaky historical period we live in.

The players have already decided which platform they have decided to spend more time on than the others, for example.

And, before we throw ourselves into the celebrations of New Year 2022 , we can’t stop and see which were the best, and also the worst, games according to Metacritic.

The video game industry is always ready to celebrate anniversaries, for marketing and personal pleasure, and the greeting cards for New Year 2022.

We searched the net a bit, in particular the Twitter profiles of the companies, to find the most beautiful, funny postcards, and the most sincere wishes in a way to turn them over to you too.

Let’s start with 505 Games which, in celebrating the year of the upcoming tiger, stages its best releases as an animal silhouette:

The Japanese division of Xbox , on the other hand, proves to know their audience very well.

Because while waiting for a Forza Horizon to be set right in the Rising Sun , use a short animation with the fireworks of Mount Fuji to make wishes to his fans.

Kojima Productions instead uses the talent of Yoji Shinkawa , staging some characters and making an appointment in 2022 for many upcoming announcements , obviously together with the inevitable wishes.

We couldn’t miss Animal Crossing: New Horizons , which transmits its festive and jovial atmosphere also through the official postcard, for a New Year 2022 in the name of sharing , just like the journey of the exclusive Nintendo Switch was.

SEGA obviously focuses on its icon, with a beautiful drawing of Sonic with a very aggressive style .

Perfect for taking 2022 with energy , hoping for lots of great video games and, in general, a world as cheerful as the adventures of the porcupine.

We close with the best wishes of Masahiro Sakurai, father of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate . In the year in which the record title support has ended, Sakurai chooses a dream postcard for the future, with some of his characters traveling into the unknown.

Just as we arrive in a new year waiting to be discovered , Masahiro Sakurai will enjoy his well-deserved rest and, who knows, we will also find out what will become of his franchise.

While we also renew our good wishes, we also remind you to take a look at our 2021 video game diary, to review what happened.

As well as the games you shouldn’t miss on Xbox Game Pass , because in 2021 the catalog has been greatly enriched.

Today was also the day of the Gameshift Awards: have you seen our and your best games yet?

2022 will be full of even more video games, remember to buy them on Amazon at the best price!

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