New rumors about Diablo 4: it will be more obscure

Diablo 4 is now on everyone’s lips, in view of BlizzCon, but the new rumors arrived in these hours have received an approval that highlights them: it is that of the analyst and expert of market Daniel Ahmad, who only a few days ago had also anticipated the news of the postponement of The Last of Us – Part II .

Ahmad shared a topic on ResetEra , opened by an anonymous user, who reports information on the possible Diablo 4 . According to the analyst, the information contained in it “aligns with everything I know about Diablo IV”.

We read so that the game will have a darker aspect than the previous releases, less lively also in the color palette. The cities should be bigger, the characters would be able to ride and there would be contextual actions to interact with the surrounding environment. Even the blood will be more realistic than in the past.

The anonymous source also speaks of three classes : the magician, the barbarian and the druid (who can turn into a beast). The co-op to four players would be confirmed, while PvP is certainly not at launch, according to him.

In particular, the production would wink at Diablo 2 , while the already leaked Lilith would be the new diablo . At this point, we are waiting to learn more, knowing however that Ahmad would hardly have given visibility to this information if there was not at least a fund of truth behind it.

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