New Naughty Dog game: on board the author of a survival

Many are wondering what will be the next project of Naughty Dog , the well-known American developer who gave birth to sagas such as Uncharted and The Last of Us .

The authors of a pearl like The Last of Us Part II are in fact in the eyes of fans all over the world, especially after the success of their latest projects.

Co-Chairs Evan Wells and Neil Druckmann recently discussed the future of the company, which we know is ready to take on new profiles for standalone multiplayer.

After all, just a few days ago Druckmann may have anticipated that he was working on The Last of Us Part III , although it is still too early to be certain the thing.

Now, as also reported by colleagues from PSU , Naughty Dog has recently welcomed a new writer, author, among other things, of the script for the game Subnautica Below Zero .

We are talking about Zaire Lanier , who confirmed her new job through a post published on her official Twitter profile.

The artist stated that “it has been my dream for almost a decade” and that “I got a PS3 and bought Dragon Age and The Last of Us. These two games have changed my life, so much so that I am happy to announce that I am officially a Naughty Dog writer ».

It is currently unclear what Lanier will be doing, although it is very likely that she will be taking care of the new Naughty Dog game currently in the works.

Subnautica Below Zero is a very special survival game, set – like its predecessor – on the fictional ocean planet 4546B. The game follows the adventures of the scientist Robin Ayou and her encounter with the alien architect known as Al-An.

Did you also read that there is a game that you could easily mistake for a spin-off of The Last of Us in Feudal Japan (but that’s not the case at all)?

But that’s not all: have you seen the AI ​​that gave life to a real alternative version of The Last of Us with certainly very original features?

Finally, Naughty Dog also recently discussed his plans for the future and points out that he has no intention of revolutionizing to follow market trends.

If you want to find out how Ellie and Joel’s story progresses, check out Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, TLOU2 , at a great price on Amazon.

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