New Killer Instinct, Rocksteady Superman exclusively for Xbox Series X?

A new Killer Instinct and a Superman game may be in development exclusively for the Xbox Series X and PC, according to a rumor that started from the NeoGaf forum.

The user OsirisBlack, the same who had suggested a possible sequel to The Order: 1886 in the pipeline at Ready at Dawn, has returned to speak and indicate in these some of the projects that could be unveiled at E3 2020.

Microsoft’s presence at E3 would be “hard to beat” , and would bring a new Killer Instinct and a Superman game, among others.

Killer Instinct is back, after a long absence, with an Xbox One chapter focusing on a free-to-play formula.

Although there are never any have been confirmed in this regard, however, this title of Superman could be the one at the center of rumor for years now and potentially entrusted to Rocksteady.

In the cryptic messages of this alleged insider figure also a video of 28 Weeks Later , so a zombie-themed production could make its appearance in June.

For now, as is customary pending of confirmations or denials, it is appropriate to deal with the proverbial pliers.

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