New characters confirmed for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, and they are many

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero promises to be a Dragon Ball fighting game as nostalgic gamers like, with a roster full of characters ranging from every single story ever created by Akira Toriyama (and otherwise) in the gigantic world of the most famous manga ever.\ r\nThe roster was initially one of the things that had worried fans but, apparently, there will be nothing to complain about within Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.\r\nIn addition to those already known, in fact, a few hours ago, new characters were shown that will end up in the definitive roster.\r\nFrom the pages of VJump magazine, screenshots have appeared showing new characters from Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, which you can see below:\r\n\r\ nHere are the characters that have been confirmed by the pages of the magazine:\r\n\r\nLSSJ Broly\r\nNappa\r\nBurter\r\nJeice\r\nToppo\r\nRoshi\r\nAscended Trunks\r\nLSSJ Kale\r\nHit\r\nDyspo\r\n\r\nThe roster seems to be really well-finished and deep, especially from the recent Dragon Ball Super, because among the images there are also characters like Kakunsa, or the transformation of Sanka Ku , an Idol Warrior from the Second Universe, chosen by Helles to participate in the Tournament of Power.\r\nMany others will certainly be missing, but the development team’s care in including more than secondary characters from the stories of Dragon Ball will please fans pure and raw fans.\r\nDragon Ball Sparking Zero really seems to be the nostalgic video game that fans were hoping for even if, in all likelihood, it will have to give up local multiplayer due to some purely technical reasons.\r\nWhile waiting for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero you can satisfy your hunger for Goku and co. with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, which you will recently also find in a fully next-gen version.\r\nIf you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can also play it for free, because Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is among the free games of the month.

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