Netflix announces a new action rpg reminiscent of Sekiro with zombies

Netflix is continuing to invest in the world of video games , and not only with regard to the series dedicated to biggest franchises.

From Cuphead (but have you seen the splendid plushies on Amazon?) to Resident Evil passing through League of Legends , the colossus of streaming is spanning many franchises.

The latter also got a double treatment because, along with the phenomenal Arcane series, Hextech Mayhem is available on Netflix , a hilarious rhythm game inspired by the franchise.

Not to mention of course The Witcher , the series that was one of the platform’s biggest hits, and which is starting for a third season.

With the next game, Netflix will make the opposite move, which is to transform one of his shows into a video game .

But this is not a video game with poor production values ​​because, as reports VentureBeat , the next title looks like Sekiro , but with zombies .

Netflix announced Kingdom: The Blood , a action rpg mostly single player, but with multiplayer functionality , based on the popular Korean show Kingdom .

The title will be available on PC and mobile devices , and there is also gameplay:

The single player mode will follow the plot of the series , which is a zombie horror show set in 16th century Korea.

Players will be able to create their own characters , and in the multiplayer mode there will be conquest game modes, a mode based on multi-boss battles and PvP combat.

Action Square, the developer, is crafting the title with the utmost respect for the original show. For example, character creation will include historically accurate clothing options, and the team has also hired a professional Korean sword dancer to recreate the wild action of the series.

This is not the first time that Netflix has made its own show a video game , and last time it did it with a wink to Hotline Miami .

And in the future there will always be more , because the streaming giant has important conquest plans for 2023.

So far the numbers have been on Netflix’s side, and it seems that the willingness to invest in video games is rewarding.

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