MultiVersus in trouble because of Batgirl and Warner? Here comes the answer

MultiVersus is the free-to-play fighting game from Player First Games and Warner Bros., which has quickly become a small mass phenomenon .

Initially (and erroneously) labeled as a simple Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clone (found on Amazon), the title eventually gained the limelight.

Although the developers have made it known that they intend to thoroughly revisit the gameplay of MultiVersus in order to avoid imbalances between characters, the game has the attention of the public all over the world on its side.

So, despite the ban of two key characters from one of the most important tournaments ever, MultiVersus seems to find no obstacles: or maybe not, given that the recent fuss raised by the cancellation of the film Batgirl has alerted fans.

Warner Bros. is in fact caught in the eye of the storm, following the announcement that the DC cinematic universe will be almost completely revised for the next 10 years .

As also reported by PSU , the director of MultiVersus intervened in person to allay fears that the fighting game could be influenced by the riots at Warner Bros. , which have been talked about a lot this week.

MultiVersus is obviously published by Warner and features a large number of historical characters from the company, from superheroes to cartoon characters. Tony Huynh however confirmed on Twitter that the game will not be involved in the current issue.

“For those wondering, we’re not interested in the merger between Discovery and Warner Bros.” , Huynh’s post reads.

Player First Games, however, confirmed earlier this week that MultiVersus Season 1 has been postponed to due date .

This is likely why some fans have thought that Warner Bros. issues might have something to do with this delay, although apparently is not .

After all, Warner’s Multiverse of Heroes has had some truly record-breaking numbers on Steam, which dispels much of the fear of fans.

It is also true that new balance patches are awaited, such as the one to nerf the « powerful » Bugs Bunny.

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