Mortal Kombat 1, Omni-Man does not convince Invincible fans

Omni-Man has finally arrived in Mortal Kombat 1 inaugurating the wave of additional fighters, inserting a bit of superheroism into the brutal fighting game.\r\nThe character taken directly from the pages of Invincible, the comic you can find on Amazon in a new edition, it has been revived by Netherrealm with a certain fidelity in terms of moves and aesthetics.\r\nWe have already seen Omni-Man’s brutality in action in the first gameplay trailers and, for a few days, players have been able to test also the Viltrumite’s moveset compared to the other fighters.\r\nBut will Omni-Man be liked by the fans of Invincible? Probably yes, but not to everyone.\r\nAs reported by The Gamer, in fact, some fans who know the character well from the comics had some notes to make regarding a detail in particular.\r\nOne of Omni-Man’s interactions with the other characters, the pre-match verbal challenges so to speak, seems to be completely out of place compared to how the character is related in the comics in particular.\r\nFighting against Sindel, Omni-Man insults her by saying that he wants to transform her, Kitana and Mileena in her \

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