Monster Hunter, the film: Milla Jovovich speaks

The Monster Hunter film, made by Constantin Film in collaboration with Impact Pictures, will see the light in theaters on 4 September 2020 .

We direct the veteran Paul W.S. Anderson, author of the film series dedicated to Resident Evil (always made in Capcom).

Now, it is the lead actress Milla Jovovich who returns to talk about the project at the Cannes Film Festival, during an interview with Variety .

According to Jovovich, the film will be “unbelievable” and that the physical preparation on the set will allow you to better deal mentally “with the overwhelming experiences that we all face in life”.

The latest synopsis reveals that the Monster Hunter film will focus on the leader of a United Nations military team called Artemis , played by Milla Jovovich. Somehow it will be transported to a kingdom full of monsters, where it will meet the Hunter (Tony Jaa).

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