Monster Hunter movie indignant for racist joke, but to pay for it is Monster Hunter World

Not even the time to settle down, as the Monster Hunter movie is already facing its first major headaches. In fact, news comes from the East of a possible suspension of the theatrical release of the film dedicated to the Capcom saga, accused of having quoted in its own way a joke considered to be very racist in China. For this reason, the film would be destined not to be screened again until proven otherwise, several sources say, and is the reason why the innocent Monster Hunter World was buried by review bombing. of enthusiasts .

After its debut in China on December 3, the film has been much discussed in the Land of the Dragon due to a joke that goes back to “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees – look at these?” ( literally translated as “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these”), a phrase that has been held to be extremely racist in the East for decades. The analyst and oriental market expert Daniel Ahmad also highlighted the reference to this discriminatory line within the film, sarcastically alluding to “great writing” for the film. Paul WS Anderson.

Milla Jovovich in the Monster Hunter movie

To pay the bill for this joke was the poor Monster Hunter World : the video game ended up being swamped with negative reviews on Steam , which obviously nothing have to do with its content – since the comments are in the nature of “great game, but dirty racist movie.”

Since the Chinese market is of great strategic importance, it is easy to imagine that the film is modified to remove the offensive content, so that it can be re-projected. It is however curious that, knowing the Chinese measures for publishing content, the joke was not noticed first by those in charge.

Asked about this, Capcom – who does not produce the film directly, but has licensed Costantin Films said she was aware of the problem and invited the manufacturers to ascertain what happened on the offensive content.

By December the film will also debut in other markets, so we are waiting to see if the line will also be changed in the western releases or not.

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