Microsoft wants long-lived IPs like Marvel and The Lord of the Rings

With the founding of Xbox Game Studios and the acquisition of numerous development teams, Microsoft has given a significant boost to its library and an overall shock to its gaming branch.

This renewed and more convinced presence in the world of video games leads to long-term plans, such as those outlined by the organization manager, Matt Booty.

Speaking to MCV, Booty explained that “we must continue to create characters, stories and worlds that can transcend generations, devices and platforms”.

“If you look at things like Marvel characters or The Lord of the Rings , when those Marvel characters were invented in the 1960s no one knew there would be a thing called Netflix, I.

“And yet, here we are,” added the executive.

“And, you know, Marvel library has u massive presence in video streaming. And so I think we’re lucky to have worlds and universes like Halo , where there are characters who can support TV series, books, comics and all kinds of games. Things like Minecraft that can come out on 23 platforms and be in schools, and we have to stay focused on creating this type of thing that can mark generations and last for quite a while. “

A pillar in the new gaming strategy of Microsoft , which allows you to make such long-range reasoning, is undoubtedly the Xbox Game Pass.

The on demand model is allowing the giant of Redmond not to have the hassle of monetization and to focus on great content, something that in the recent past has evidently not happened.

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