Microsoft spends over $1 billion a year bringing games to Xbox Game Pass

More than any other giant in the video game market, Microsoft believes and invests heavily in the subscription video game model, and its Xbox Game Pass proves it.\r\nIf we were used to buying titles individually, with list prices that went up to fluctuate over the years, the idea of ​​Game Pass is to pay a fixed monthly fee to access a subscription service of on-demand titles, always at your disposal (until they are removed, at least) as if they were series TV to click on Netflix.\r\nThe idea is much appreciated by gamers and has made many converts – between subscriptions that have attempted to replicate it and the recent changes even to PlayStation Plus, which tried to include the idea of ​​titles on demand also on Sony consoles.\r\nAccording to Phil Spencer, head of the Microsoft Gaming division, one of the merits of Game Pass is above all that of allowing you to discover small games, which otherwise few would have bought by spending money specifically on them, and thus allowing us to also think about returns and revivals, which would otherwise be difficult to implement.\r\nTo succeed in this aim, clearly, it is necessary to invest a lot, in order to ensure many games in the catalogue. And, despite these investments, Game Pass still manages to «make money», assures the executive.\r\nInterviewed by Windows Central, Spencer explained:\r\n\r\n«We have a service that is viable from the point of financial point of view, in the sense of making money, with Game Pass. We’ve put a lot of money into the market, over $1 billion a year, to support third-party games coming to Game Pass.\r\nWhat we see is a service that supports every game genre, from big games to indies more unknown and that you would never have known you loved, if you hadn’t had the chance to play them”.\r\n\r\nThis also allowed games like Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush and Grounded – all internal productions of Xbox Games Studios – to establish themselves as «true successes», due to the possibility of playing them through Game Pass, without additional costs, Spencer underlines to Windows Central.\r\n\n Read also\n Xbox Game Pass games included in the catalog\n\ n\r\nPreviously, we have also seen PlayStation express itself on the possibility of including its own day-one games on PlayStation Plus: a path that had been identified as “not sustainable” by executives, who had highlighted the exorbitant production costs of AAA, too high to think of recovering them with a subscription model that excludes full-price day-one sales.\r\nDespite the exorbitant investment highlighted by Spencer, according to which Microsoft spends $1 billion a year to bring the third-party on Game Pass, the service is advantageous for the Redmond giant – in fact, the numbers prove it, considering that in just one quarter in June it recorded almost $1 billion in subscription revenue. And, no, for the moment there is no idea of ​​bringing it to Nintendo Switch or PlayStation consoles.

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