Microsoft reiterates: Project xCloud will not replace Xbox

Project xCloud is the project under development at Microsoft that wants to bring any kind of video game to streaming through the cloud and the cloud any type of device – regardless of its hardware features. Some have started to fear that concentrating more and more on technologies of this kind could simply translate into the fact that soon we will have to say goodbye to consoles as we know them, but Microsoft ensures that it won’t be like this . From his point of view, in fact, these technologies should support traditional consoles, not replace them .

Open gaming to more people with Project xCloud

Ad go deeper into the topic, after the news coming from Inside Xbox (expertly summarized by my colleague Paolo Sirio in the special), it was Kareem Choudhry , CVP for cloud gaming at Microsoft. In a post on Xbox Wire, the executive kept us reiterating that the vision for Xbox’s supporters is that of a service that could be complementary to console gaming , offering players  «more possibilities of choice on how and where to play.»

Thanks to the advent of services like xCloud, for Microsoft the players will be able to play  «on the device with which they are better», to the point that with the Azure technologies that will allow streaming and the cloud we could speak of a potential base of 2 billion gamers to reach all over the world – which could be played on any device, from the console to the PC, through the extremes of the mobile phone to be kept in the pocket and the smart TV from 60â € ³ in the living room.

“We do not have intends to replace the Xbox console “

Choudhry also explained, with regard to the” fear “that the cloud and streaming replace the cons ole traditional:

The intent of xCloud is instead to create a future where you can access without interruption to a videogame content from smartphone, tablet or any other connected device .

What does the future look like when you want to prepare Microsoft? Would you like to be able to play your favorite titles on Xbox and, once you leave home, maybe you can continue the experience on the tablet while you are on a train journey?

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