Metal Gear Solid, Kojima talks about the misunderstood chapter: “it was supposed to be an experiment”

Metal Gear Solid is a series parked for some time by Konami, so much so that a new remake is the dream that seems to never materialize: now, however, Hideo Kojima has returned to talk about one of the most controversial chapters, namely Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes.

The prologue of the fifth chapter of the Hideo Kojima saga, whose epilogue you can always find on Amazon, is in fact one of the most discussed games ever.

While the rumors about a new MGS continue to chase each other, Kojima took advantage of the ninth anniversary of its release to go back to talking about Ground Zeroes em>.

As ​​also reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, in fact, the good Hideo reflected on the game’s development and revealed that it was meant to “experiment” an episodic format for the series.

Kojima stated that Ground Zeroes was originally conceived as a prologue to MGS V, introducing players to Snake’s revenge.

The general theme would therefore have been that of punishment. The release of the game happened shortly after the launch of PS4, so Kojima “pre-released” Ground Zeroes to introduce the new MGS and thus get feedback on the game, its open world and the Fox Engine.

“The development of a full game takes 4-5 years”, wrote Kojima. “Times change during production, so I thought about offering an episodic format, like a streaming drama, where an episode is produced and distributed. GZ was supposed to be an experiment“.

Reflecting on the launch of Ground Zeroes, Kojima acknowledged that players did not quite understand his intentions and that there was some disappointment in the fact that it was considered a full game, feeling it was released too soon. The rest, as they say in these cases, is history.

Staying on the subject, you have read that the historic voice actor of Solid SnakeDavid Hayter, has once again taken on the role of the historic hero of the MGS saga ?

But that’s not all: months ago a fan published a collage listing all the injuries and causes of death of the protagonists of the Kojima-san saga.

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