Metal Gear Solid, here is the “secret” chapter that few people know

The Metal Gear Solid saga is one of the best known in the entire gaming landscape, especially for its unique and truly surprising way of tell unparalleled stories (and characters).

The fifth regular installment of the saga, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain , has put an end to the franchise, although fans have been hoping for years that Snake will one day be back in action.

If the multiplayer spin-off called Metal Gear Survive has certainly fallen short of expectations, many will be happy to know that there is a chapter in the series that few people know, including the most die-hard fans of the franchise. created by Hideo Kojima.

We are talking about Metal Gear Solid Mobile , released in 2008 on Nokia N-Gage (the mobile phone designed to have various functions similar to those of a real portable console).

As you can guess from the video you find above, Metal Gear Solid Mobile impressively harks back to the first chapter of the series released on PSone.

But not only that: from the conversations to the Codec between Snake and Otacon it is clear that the look of the characters is in all respects similar to that of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (the game is in fact wedged between the events of the original episode and the sequel).

The story tells of the first mission of the organization known as Philanthropy , set up by Snake and Otacon with the aim of eliminating the face of the Earth. threat of nuclear weapons known as Metal Gear.

Their first mission will bring them in contact with Dr. Victoria Reed , for an adventure that can trace many of the ideas seen in both the first and second chapter.

Below, you will find an entire playthrough (since it is not very easy to find a copy of the game):

The game, developed by Ideaworks Game Studio and produced by Konami , is not considered canonical within the main story of the series, although both the graphic style and more in general the game mechanics are perfectly linked to those of the well-known regular chapters.

Recall that the return of Metal Gear Solid as fans would like it still seems a long way off, although rumors continue to chase each other quite frequently.

But that’s not all: recently a Snake Eater fan spotted a bizarre reaction from one of the game’s NPCs while in the bathroom, filming it.

Finally, don’t miss our ranking of the best and worst chapters in the Metal Gear Solid saga.

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